Cookies Policy

Cookies Policy

Each time a user visits our website we use cookies to bring a better user experience. By using our site you accept the use of the cookies at Casino Site Offers and agree to our cookies policy.

What Are Site Cookies?

A cookie is a small piece if data which is placed on the users web browser when browsing the internet. The cookies are used to remember information about a users experience or entered details into a page and analytical purposes. They are used to make a user experience of using our site all the better.

Use of our site enables cookies to be placed in your browser and we notify users of this by a cookies policy banner. All cookies used on this site can be removed or blocked at any time by the user. Clean the cookie data by amending the privacy setting within the user browser.

If you’d like more information about cookies and how they are used please visit

About Cookies

Blocking certain types of cookies may effect the user experience and some parts of the site may not work in the same way. All users have the option of opting out of using cookies when setting the options to do so from their own web browser.

Cookies used here at perform tasks to help us give the best user experience possible. We use google analytics, bing webmaster and wordpress cookies to give users better content on site. Different cookies have a set time period attached to them and can last between just a few minutes up to a few months. Our aim is to develop the site and bring users the best on site experience.

The google analytics cookie is used to help us understand a users experience and search data used to find our website. The bing webmaster cookie is also used in the same manner as the google one placed on our site. The wordpress cookies are used to make sure each area of the site works correctly for users.

We fully respect all legal requirements and we don’t personally store any other data. Please check the third party cookies policy for more information.

There is an option to opt out of google analytics here:

If using the above tool then remember it only works on the browser being used at the time. If using other machines then it needs to be applied to all.

Cookie Terms

By using our site you agree to the terms and conditions of our cookie policy and you can personally control the cookies by self removal from your internet browser.